Wembury Church


Baptisms  (sometimes called Christening)

When a baby arrives in a family, it is a joyous occasion and many parents wish to involve God in their child’s development. This is most frequently done through the Baptism* (*Christening) of the child.

As part of the Baptism parents, godparents and family and friends gather and promise that they will help the child get to know God in practical ways as he or she grows up.


If you are considering your child’s Baptism, you will also need to consider godparents. While it is not a fixed rule, it is usual to have two godparents of the same gender as the child, and one godparent of the opposite gender. We usually only conduct baptisms on the second Sunday of the month. This is during our 10.30am morning service, a morning service that has been specially designed to incorporate baptisms and to be family friendly. 


Baptism is equally available to those who are no longer infants, including adults, if not Baptised in infancy.



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