St. Werburgh Church, Wembury 

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When a person is in old age or seriously ill, it's a difficult time for the members of the family. When someone finally passes from this life, St Werburghs is ready to provide such support as you might wish. If you would like a member of our clergy, or other member the parish team, to visit please get in touch.

When it comes to detailed arrangements, the date and time will be arranged through your Funeral Director, who will liaise with us should you wish St Werburghs to be involved. 

Some families may wish to have a service in the church, followed by a short committal at a crematorium or cemetery. Other's will wish to have the whole funeral service at the crematorium or cemetery. We can provide either option.

Unfortunately,  it is no longer possible to have a burial in our graveyard, unless there is in an existing grave (as in the case of a spouse already buried in our graveyard). We do have a small area for the burial of Cremated Remains, primarily for those with a link to either Wembury parish or the church.

As our Church lies in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, there are constraints on the memorials and tributes that can placed in our graveyard. Local monumental masons are aware of those constraints and will advise. 

Whilst we fully understand the sensitivity of the situation, we must also ask that only tributes made from natural materials are placed on graves.

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